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Chloé McCardel

Marraine 2023

Come on an adventure of a lifetime with the Queen of the English Channel, Chloë McCardel.

After swimming the English Channel a World Record 44 times, Chloë and her partner, Roy Beal, now specialize in open water swim escorts and adventures along the stunning South Coast of England and the Isle of Wight.

Whether you want to leisurely explore the World Heritage Jurassic Coast over a long weekend or you are keen to embark on a challenging solo or relay adventure, Chloë has the swim designed for you. There is even a swim where you can surf the Hurst tide! You’ll be swimming at 10kph or faster finishing at the iconic “Needles” on the Isle of Wight..

All swims include extensive water safety including the large 15m Channel Queen boat kayaks and / or RIB safety. Chloë has also coached over 150 people to swim the English Channel.

Please contact Chloë directly for more information,




Hurst Castle to The Needles
6 kms
Tidal push. You’ll swim at 10kph or faster
Jurassic Coast Weekend
5 kms +
Leisurely weekend swimming a little or a lot and exploring iconic places such as Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove etc…Option to stay on board Channel Queen at night. 3 days
Cold Water Camp
10 – 50 kms
Prepare for your future English Channel solo or relay over 3 days
Old Harry to the Needles
23 kms
The PERFECT pre-channel solo preparation available in England. Practice sea swimming, feeding, daylight and night swimming, train up your crew and having the Channel Queen, Chloë, personally supporting you on the day and giving you feedback afterwards. Relay option also available
Isle of Wight - Relay
16 kms +
Put a team together or join an existing team and swim a full circumnavigation of the incredible Isle of Wight. It’s 90km but you’ll get a tidal push for most of the way around. Total swim time approx. 22 – 26hrs
Isle of Wight Solo
90 kms
Only 4 people in history have swum a full circumnavigation under English Channel rules. Swim your place into history!