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The Flow des Gabarriers consists of 4 open water courses in the Charente River:

- The Flow des Gabarriers, 33km ultra-marathon
- The Gabarrier Apprentice, 16km marathon
- The Flow Challenge, 3km swim
- The Petit Gabarrier, 1km swim


The event will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2023:

Start of the 33km Flow Des Gabarriers solo
Le Bain Des Dames in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente
Start of the 33km Flow Des Gabarriers relay
Le Bain Des Dames in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente
Start of the 16km Gabarrier Apprentice
Start of the 1km The Petit Gabarrier
Solençon square in Cognac
Start of the 3km Flow Challenge
Solençon square in Cognac

Article 2. ARRIVAL

- The 33km, 16km and 3km courses finish at the Cognac canoe base, Place du Solençon, St Jacques.

- Relay swimmers participating in the Flow Des Gabarriers marathon may cross the finish line together.


Registration will open soon on the dedicated webpage of the Flow des Gabarriers website.

Registration is possible on the day of the event only for the Petit Gabarrier and the Flow Challenge. On the day registration is subject to availability (no registration possible for the marathons after 14 May 2023).

The following rates apply from the opening of registration:












Clôture des inscriptions le 30 avril 2024 à minuit pour le Flow des Gabarriers et l’Apprenti Gabarrier

It is possible to register for the 2 courses that take place one after the other: the Petit Gabarrier and the Flow Challenge (no "combo" pricing). However, the participant must be sure of their ability to finish in time in order to be present at the starting line of second course.

By registering, the participant agrees to receive information from the Flow Des Gabarriers by email.

A special pricing and conditions apply to clubs registering 10 swimmers or more. Please email for more details.

Cancellation and refund

All registrations are final. The participant will only be entitled to a refund of the registration fee if they have signed up to cancellation insurance at the time of registration. The cost of the insurance is 10% of the standard registration fee.

The insurance is valid until 1 month before the event, i.e. 3 May 2023 at midnight, and includes:

- cancellation of the event due to force majeure
- cancellation of the event for reasons beyond the control of the organisers (extreme weather conditions, prefectural decree, administrative ban, health crisis, terrorist act or any other unforeseeable event...)
- cancellation of registration by the participant

The cancellation insurance does not include:

- non-participation in the event on the day of the event without prior notification to the organisers by 3 May 2023 at midnight;

- non-participation in an event due to the participant being late for the start line.

In the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure or for reasons beyond the control of the organizers from 4 May 2023 onwards, participants will automatically have their entries carried over to the following year.

Transferring a registration to another person is not permitted.


The organisers reserve the right to change the start time, the duration of the competition, or the route due to weather conditions, as well as to change or modify the rules according to their own judgement.

Medical certificate/licence

To participate in the 16km and 33km swim marathons, it is compulsory to provide a medical certificate dating less than 1 year attesting that you are in good condition and can take part in the desired distance.
Swimmers wishing to participate in the 3km swim who have a valid swimming (FFN) or triathlon (FFTRI) licence are exempt from providing the medical certificate, on presentation of their licence.

Minimum age

- All swimmers must be over 12 years of age on the day of the event in order to participate in the Petit Gabarrier and Flow Challenge.
- All swimmers and their kayakists must be over 16 years of age on the day of the event in order to participate in the Flow des Gabarriers and the Gabarrier Apprentice marathons.

For swimmers under the age of 16, the father, mother or legal guardian must complete the parental authorisation form. Otherwise, the swimmer will not be able to take part in the event.

Qualifying swim for the 33km and 16km marathons

A qualifying swim is required for solo and duo (relay) swimmers:
- Proof of a maximum time of 4 hours for a minimum of 10km in open water in the 2 years prior to the event
- Proof of a maximum time of 3h45 for a minimum of 10km in a pool (25m or 50m) in the 2 years prior to the event
- Proof of solo completion of an Oceans Seven swim in the last 5 years (North Channel, Cook Strait, Moloka'i Channel, English Channel, Catalina Channel, Tsugura Strait, Strait of Gibraltar).

Official crossing certificates or results listed on are preferred. If these are not available, performances recorded in tracking tools such as Garmin watches etc. can be accepted instead.

Confirmation of the qualifying swim must be received by email no later than 14 May 2023 at
There is no qualifying swim to be provided for swimmers in teams of 3 or more.


The event ends at 6pm. All swimmers who have not reached the finish line by this time, regardless of the chosen course, must leave the water.

Neoprene wetsuit and propulsion aids

Wearing a neoprene wetsuit is allowed and strongly recommended, however it is not permitted if the water temperature is above 24°C.
Experienced swimmers used to open water who do not wish to wear a wetsuit in cold water will be contacted by the organisers for evaluation and approval.
Fluorescent swimming buoys are recommended (not provided by the organisers).

All propulsion aids such as hand paddles and fins, as well as equipment such as snorkels, pull-buoys etc. are strictly forbidden.

Pre-race briefing for marathon participants

The pre race briefing will be held on friday 31st may 2024 5.30 pm (location to be confirmed)

- All solo participants in the Flow des Gabarriers 33kms and the Gabarrier Apprentice 16kms and their kayakers

- At least one member of each relay team as well as one of the team's kayakers

Check-in of the swimmers will take place during this meeting, as well as distribution of swimming caps, T-shirts etc.
The final logistical information will also be discussed and explained in detail. It will be an opportunity to ask questions!

The Flow des Gabarriers and the Gabarrier Apprentice

The event ends at 6pm, all swimmers who have not reached Cognac must leave the water, as the organisers cannot ensure their safety after this time.

Each swimmer (solos and teams) must be followed throughout the race by a canoe. This support has several essential functions, including immediate safety in case of emergency,

The tandem solos are accompanied by only 1 kayak for the 2 swimmers, they must swim together, at the same pace, throughout the completion of the course. If one of the two swimmers gives up, the other swimmer will only be able to continue the course once his co-swimmer is being looked after by their team or the organizers.

Each kayaker MUST wear a life jacket. Support boats are not allowed.
Any swimmer who abandons the race must inform the organisers as soon as possible. Swimmers agree to accept the instructions of the on-site doctors and consent to receive medical attention in case of injury, accident, hypothermia or illness during the event. It is the responsibility of each swimmer to cover the medical costs or to take out additional insurance for this purpose.

All swimmers are prohibited from using drugs, stimulants, and other artificial means before and during the marathon. Between the start and end time of the marathon, swimmers must follow the route established by the organisers.
suivre le trajet établi par l’organisation.

During the competition, each swimmer will be responsible for their own nutrition. Please note that the Saint Brice town hall offers a refreshment station on the island of Garde Moulin when passing through this lock as well as a refreshment station at the finish line. The time limit to complete the 33km distance is 10 hours for solo swimmers and 9h40 for relay teams. The time limit for completing the 16km solo distance is 7 hours.

Before or after the time limit, the organisers (medical, security, etc.), reserve the right to stop the swimmer during the marathon in their own interest.
It is the responsibility of the swimmer to train properly before the event and to organise logistical support for the duration of their swim.

Relay rules

The maximum number of swimmers allowed per relay team is 6 (each member of a team of 6 will spend a maximum of 1h30 in the water over the whole day).

The logistics and organisation of the relays are specific to each team. There is no pre-established relay point. Swimmer exchange can be done in the water or from the shore.

From the water: the new swimmer must position themself in front of the previous swimmer. The previous swimmer must touch the new swimmer’s feet before returning to the canoe or the shore. There is no minimum time or distance imposed for each swimmer.

From land: the banks of the Charente River offer many points where an exchange can take place. However, the compulsory water exit points offer very good options. It is recommended that each team scout the area beforehand if possible.


Each swimmer is responsible for their own nutrition.

There will be some feeding stations along the course as well as at the finish line. Some biscuits, drinks etc. will be offered but there will be no gels, energy bars or other nutrition aids to finish the course.

The 3km Petit Gabarrier and the 1km Flow Challenge

No canoe, kayak, paddle or other embarkation will be authorized to escort swimmers.

Only organization's embarkations will be allowed in order to ensure everyone's security.

Courses will be clearly indicated thanks to buoys along the 2 courses.


Swimmers agree to participate in any media activity consisting of interviews for newspapers, radio, television, presentation of the swimmers, etc... By registering, the participant authorises the organisers of the Flow Des Gabarriers to use the images in which they could be identified for the purpose of promotional and publicity broadcasts, with no time limitation. If the participant does not agree, they must inform the organisers in writing. In accordance with the French law of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology and Freedom, each participant has the right to access and rectify any of their personal data.


In accordance with Article 11 of the Municipal Order n° M-2015.66.6.1, the swimmer will take all measures not to degrade the environment in which they find themself

The event takes place in the natural environment of the Charente river. Swimmers must not, under any circumstances, throw waste or any other items into the Charente or on its banks. Any disposal of waste outside the bins provided for this purpose is prohibited.

The organisers and competitors undertake together to respect and preserve this space. No littering will be tolerated. Competitors who take their supplies with them under their wetsuit or swimsuit, particularly in the form of gel or wrapped bars, must bring the packaging ashore and deposit it in the bins provided for this purpose. Any competitor caught littering will be immediately ordered to leave the water.

Each participant undertakes to respect the environment and to behave in the most eco-responsible way.


The organisers have taken out a liability insurance policy in case of organisational failure. The participant declares that they are aware of the fact that they may encounter difficulties on the course and that they assume the risks related to these circumstances when participating in the event. The participant agrees to receive any medical care and treatment that may be necessary during the competition.

The costs of medical treatment are not included in the entry fee and will be borne by the participant. It is the responsibility of the participant, whether or not they are a licence holder to take out any necessary or useful personal insurance (civil liability and personal accident insurance) covering in particular the cost of any medical treatment. The organisers decline all responsibility in case of accidents, damage, theft or loss of equipment and/or personal belongings of the competitors, including the teams' belongings stored in the finishers’ village.


Swimmers, coaches and any other accompanying persons will be responsible for their own accommodation, transport and other expenses. The Cognac region offers a multitude of accommodation options, Destination Cognac and Charente Tourisme will be able to guide you if necessary. The towpath linking the Place du Solençon to the RN141 bridge allows you to follow the swimmers on foot along the route. It is possible to meet the marathoners on the banks of the Charente from Châteauneuf-sur-Charente via "La Flow Vélo".

Each participant will show respect for the other competitors, the organisers, the spectators and the people living in the race area. Participants must provide assistance within the limits of their abilities and/or report a participant in difficulty to the organisers, even if this means going off course or losing time. Participants in the Flow Des Gabarriers (swimmers, coaches, logistical support) commit themselves to respect all the rules of the event as stated above.

Any contravention of these competition rules may result in disqualification, as decided by the organisers. Any behaviour contrary to sporting ethics will be sanctioned by various penalties, which may include a ban on participation. The Flow Des Gabarriers commits itself to apply the governmental sanitary regulations at the date of the event.